No where is it more important than here in the lower mainland to use Craigslist. We love Craigslist here. It is used more here than anywhere else in Canada. Best to be on it. We can do that - automatically. Post, renew, delete. Especially Delete now that VSA has stepped up their rules. Very easy for us to integrate your feed so that every vehicle shows on Craigslist.

Custom Look / Feel

We have many different types of look/feel for the vehicles including a phone number built into the image so the customer can avoid the 'click on contact info' in the actual text.

24/7 your ad is running and when a lead comes in it goes to any email that you choose. Your website shows on the Advertisement as well to assure the potential customer can find you.

Feel free to contact us to set up this 'must have' for your dealership.

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